Compliance and corporate organization

Corporate social responsibility is expressed through attention to issues that perhaps are not strictly linked to managing economic activity. Issues such as the environment, gender equality, and diversity (just to name a few) constitute a common heritage even in the corporate world through the implementation of internal rules and procedures.

Moreover, the ability to meet the goals set by management depends on the extent to which human resources and technology interact — in short, on corporate behavior. Within this context, organizational variables, understood as the manner in which the various elements of the organizational system are interconnected, play a vital role.

We assist companies in preparing Organizational and Management Models for Preventing the Criminal Offenses set forth in Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, and managing data protection (GDPR) and money laundering and corruption risks.

To this end, we examine the organizational structure and the variables impacting corporate management. In this way we can learn about the company’s management methodology and examine the company’s main management processes.


On the basis of this analysis, we are able to support companies, even in cases where the company processes need to be adjusted in order to improve efficiency and optimize the work flow.
The objective is to achieve maximum harmonization between the control system, organizational structure and company processes as a whole.

Once the Model has been prepared, we oversee the adoption, implementation, and staff training phases. We work closely with the company during the use phase to support management, serving on the Supervisory Board and making updates to the Model in our capacity as external consultants.

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